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December JLPT 2016 First Impressions post image

This July JLPT is only available in a few countries, but the December test is the big one.  This test is conducted all around the world.  And for a lot of people, this is the one shot you get at passing the exam until next year.  It can be pretty intense, considering a lot of [...]


Last Minute JLPT Advice

Last Minute JLPT Advice post image

Ok, this Sunday is the test.  And last week, I shared a few things you can do in these last couple of days.  And hopefully, you've been making use of those over the last week.  I've got a few more last minute pointers before you head off to the test.  It's important to realize that [...]


Preparing for the December JLPT

We are inching closer to the big test day on December 4th. I'm getting regular emails from everyone about what they can do to increase their score this late in the game. You've studied as much as you were motivated to, you hopefully went through all those JLPT prep books you bought to get ready [...]


JLPT N4 Kanji

JLPT N4 Kanji post image

At the N5 level, the kanji that is introduced is very rudimentary.  You only need to know around 100 characters.  That doesn't give you much to work with.  You learn most of the numbers you will need, which is the first thing you need to know in any language.  And there are few basic characters [...]


How to use Japanese Particles

How to use Japanese Particles post image

One of the most common things I get emailed about every month is how to use Japanese particles.  They are a tricky bunch of grammar points that sometimes don't correlate well with something in other languages.  Some particles match up fairly well, while others at first glance, appear to match up with something in English, [...]