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Crime in Japan

Crime in Japan post image

No I haven't been arrested. I tend to mind my matters in other countries for the most part. And in my experience, the police here are generally pretty nice and don't like to harass us too much, except for the occasional bicycle registration checks here and there. The closest I've been to being arrested is [...]


Checking Up on Apps

Checking Up on Apps post image

I've been making my studying a lot more natural these days, mostly because it has to be.  I am doing a lot more correspondence in Japanese.  I have tried to switch away from simply learning Japanese and moving toward using Japanese in order to get what I want.  Let me try to explain. When you [...]

Writing Japanese Journals by Summarizing post image

Coming up with ideas on the spot for writing journals can be tough.  I found myself a few times staring at a blank screen thinking of something to write about.  And also, your thought process is probably very inclined to use purely English to brainstorm with, but you are suppose to be writing in Japanese.  [...]


N4 Grammar: Using ka and kadouka

N4 Grammar: Using ka and kadouka post image

This month, I'm continuing on with N4 grammar points by talking about how to use the dictionary form with some new handy N4 expressions. This month, I'll go over ka and kadouka. You can use ka and kadouka to bury questions into sentences. This is an extremely useful way to ask indirect questions in Japanese. [...]


JLPT 2016 July Results

JLPT 2016 July Results post image

Test results became available for those that registered online in Japan on Wednesday Aug 24th. If you didn’t register online, don’t worry you will probably see a certificate show up sometime next week. The servers tend to be a little overloaded the first day, so you might have to check in later after everything calms [...]


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