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The Secret to Japanese Fluency

passion for Japanese fluency

What do you need to be truly fluent?

People are in a perpetual search for the secret of becoming fluent in a language. Some start off by drilling massive amounts of vocabulary on a daily basis, using SRS of some kind, like Anki or Memrise. And this is a good start, but it will not make you fluent. After all, drilling doesn’t equal [...]


Japanese Kanji City Part 5

Japanese Kanji City Part 5 post image

Build a Kanji City to lock in the Characters

This is part 5 of a continuing series of posts to help you lock in the N5 Japanese kanji. With these mnemonics you can build a memory palace that will help you remember these kanji. If this is your first time reading about the Kanji City, you will probably want to check out parts 1, [...]

Japanese Translation with Yaqs

Getting Started Translating with Yaqs

Translation is one of those careers that looks interesting, at least on paper. If you freelance, you can work in your underwear and decide your own hours. And you can perfect your Japanese while you are on the job. Sounds like a great deal right? The reality of course is a little different. Translation jobs [...]


So-Matome N3 Grammar Review

So-Matome N3 Grammar JLPT Drill Book

This monkey will teach you some mad N3 grammar.

N3 is a really weird test. It lays somewhere between N2 and N4, but not a lot of people know what is covered. Before 2010, the legend were clearly labeled and you could actual lists of what was covered. But, when they created the new ‘N’ series of tests, they stopped publishing what was on [...]

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Use Hulu to Study Japanese Listening

I've been tasked with increasing my listening stamina.  Basically, I can understand things for about 30 minutes in Japanese pretty well.  Then, my attention starts to waver, and I can’t pick up anything else.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I sometimes have to endure some pretty boring meetings going over things that could have [...]


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