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JLPT 2016 July Results

JLPT 2016 July Results post image

Test results became available for those that registered online in Japan on Wednesday Aug 24th. If you didn’t register online, don’t worry you will probably see a certificate show up sometime next week. The servers tend to be a little overloaded the first day, so you might have to check in later after everything calms [...]


Zen Buddhism in Japan

Zen Buddhism in Japan post image

You might have heard before that Japan is a country that has a mix of religions that seemingly overlap.  People go to temples (Buddhism) for certain rituals, and to shrines (Shintoism) for others.  And these same people that go to shrines and temples may, in fact, call themselves Christian. It is a concept that is [...]

What are the prerequisites for the JLPT? post image

One common question that comes up often is about the prerequisites for the JLPT.  And to be honest there aren't that many things you have to do before you take the test.  You can in fact, take the N1 without taking a single Japanese class or studying a single Japanese word.  You would be a [...]

Review of Japanese Culture: The Religious and Philosophical Foundations post image

The culture of a country is very ephemeral.  It seems next to impossible to lock it down and write about it on paper.  The best a lot of people like I can do is write about our experiences and observances in a hope to convey what it is like to live and work here. There [...]


Update to the Anki JLPT N5 Deck

Update to the Anki JLPT N5 Deck post image

There are more ways to learn kanji then I can count.  There is the famous 'Heisig' method of mnemonics and memorization.  There are flashcards that you can use.  There are a ton of great kanji apps for your phone, like iKanji for iOS, or Kanji Study for Android.  It seems like a book or a [...]


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