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So-Matome N3 Grammar Review

So-Matome N3 Grammar JLPT Drill Book

This monkey will teach you some mad N3 grammar.

N3 is a really weird test. It lays somewhere between N2 and N4, but not a lot of people know what is covered. Before 2010, the legend were clearly labeled and you could actual lists of what was covered. But, when they created the new ‘N’ series of tests, they stopped publishing what was on [...]

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Use Hulu to Study Japanese Listening

I've been tasked with increasing my listening stamina.  Basically, I can understand things for about 30 minutes in Japanese pretty well.  Then, my attention starts to waver, and I can’t pick up anything else.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I sometimes have to endure some pretty boring meetings going over things that could have [...]

Using the Japanese grammar zuni and tahougaii

How do you use zuni and tahougaii?

This month, I'm continuing on with N4 grammar points by talking about how to use the negative tense with some new handy N4 expressions. This month, I'll go over how to use zuni and tahougaii. You can use these points to express without doing an action or giving strong advice. How do you use zuni [...]


JLPT Journal Entries – part 2

JLPT journalling, Japanese writing

This week, I tried my hand at journalling about movies in Japanese.

As I wrote about before, I've fallen in love with Hulu. Hulu has a huge library of movies to watch. There are a few hidden gems and a few duds. I've taken to watching a few while doing odds and ends around the house. I thought this week I would write up some journals about [...]


Japan’s Negative Interest Rates

Japan’s Negative Interest Rates post image

The Bank of Japan just recently introduced a small 0.1% handling fee for deposits, which is essentially a negative interest rate on all holdings.  Note that this is not a fee that applies to normal consumer accounts.  It only affects what commercial banks keep at the national bank. Currently, interest rates for regular accounts are [...]


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