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The Final Month Preparations

The Final Month Preparations post image

This season tends to be my busiest.  In October, we have a series of sports days, 運動会うんどうかい, to plan for and attend as well as some Halloween events.  In November, I get swamped with a seasonal translation project that takes up  a good portion of my time.  And then, in December, we have Christmas, which [...]


Being Ready to Talk in Japanese

I was in the store the other day picking up some knives that I had bought as a wedding gift for my friend. Initially I was a bit nervous because I managed to forget the receipt for the knives that I had just purchased the week before. So I was afraid they wouldn’t let me [...]

N4 Grammar: Using souda, sugiru, and tagatteiru post image

This month, I'm continuing on with N4 grammar points by talking about how to use verb stems with some important structures. This month, I'm going over souda, sugiru and tagatteiru. You can use souda and tagatteiru to talk about impressions. Do you know when to use ~tai and when to use ~tagatteiru. How do you [...]


Sins of the Son

Sins of the Son post image

In America, kids are typically on their own at age 18 or at the very least after they have graduated from college. A parents responsibility for their deeds good or bad tends to stop there. We don’t hear a lot from the parents of grown criminals. They typically don’t get a mention. The situation is [...]


I’ve been teaching English for well over 12 years now. And I have taught all types from children to adults, from company presidents to housewives. I’ve learned that everyone tends to learn a little differently and is motivated to learn a language by different things. I’ve always wondered if there is a significant difference in [...]