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Poor kitty...

Today I want to talk about having fun while studying.  Remember that time?  That time when you first started learning Japanese and you were only able to introduce yourself and say your name, but somehow it was fun.

Somewhere along the road, you got tired, and too focused on the prizes and realized that you are just churning through lists of grammar and vocabulary.

Well having fun is important too!  It helps motivate you and give you more confidence.  It also helps to remind you why you started studying this language in the first place, to use it and experience I different culture.

Now, I do a healthy dose of Anki and flashcards just like the next guy.  But recently I’ve been trying to supplement that with TV shows, books, manga, and even video games.  The point is to have fun while you are studying the language.

Action Steps –

1) Is there some material that you just study for the fun of it?

2) Is it your correct level?  Too easy?  Too difficult?

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