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JLPT podcast lonerStudying for the test can get a little lonely sometimes.  Putting in the time day after day can get to be pretty rough.  When studying for the test it is good to have a resource to turn to.

I used to go to the gym about 3 times a week.   My friend would go with me.  Every morning we went to the gym, we would leave for the train at the same time, 9:30.  I knew if I called him and told him I was too tired I’d be letting myself down, so I went, rain or shine 3 times a week.  It helped to know somebody was doing the exact same thing I was.

It’s also important to have a place where you can ask questions and get feedback from others that are doing the same thing you are.  You can swap ideas and share resources that you have found useful.  It’s also a valuable place to hear about the latest news about events.

I personally recommend visiting the forums at JLPTstudy.com They have a very active forum over there specifically for the JLPT.  I’m frequently on there answering questions and helping people out as well as the founder Peter van der Woude (spurrymoses).

Action Steps –

1) Join a forum and read a few posts

2) Are there some questions you have about a grammar point or about a vocabulary word? Ask it in the forums.  Can you help someone else with their questions?  Post a reply.

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Photo by JB London, Music by Kevin MacLeod

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