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JLPT catching upThis last week, I was teaching some public employees English.  It is a grueling experience that includes 4 – 12 hour days.  On one of the days, I was basically teaching for 9 hours.  It is a challenging, but also I think very helpful for me.  I get to experiment with new teaching styles and new ways of helping students prepare for their test that they have to take at the end of it all.

The one downside is that I was forced to neglect my Japanese studying.  This is something that we all battle with at some time though.  We have all been too busy for whatever reason to study.  We might be visiting friends or family, be on a vacation, or just have a tough week at work.  It is inevitable that you will have to take a break from studying Japanese.

It’s important to ease back into studying though.  Don’t let yourself take more than about a week off.  Otherwise you might start to establish the bad habit of not studying.  In my experience, it is pretty easy to pick up a habit after a week holiday as long as you don’t push yourself too hard.

Also, it may sound a bit childish, but it is good to reward yourself for getting back on schedule.  If you study an hour a day, and you only did 30 minutes your first day back, don’t be hard on yourself, reward yourself for starting the habit again.  The important thing is setting the habit.

Action Steps –

1) Have you ever had to take a break from studying?

2) What did you do to get back into the study habit?

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