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JLPT resourcesI’ve been making a few changes around here at JLPT Boot Camp to make it a little bit easier to find things.  I started the blog about 8 months ago, and it has grown quite a lot since then.  So, over the next few months I’ll be rolling out new features and doing some much needed maintenance to the site.

One of the first things that got added is a new JLPT resources page.  I’ve covered a few resources here and there, but I wanted to start putting these all in one place so that they are a lot easier to find.  At the moment the page is rather small and missing a few key resources, but over the next few months I’ll be adding more resources and more features to the resources page.

Whenever I add or talk about a new resource in a blog post or podcast, I’ll add it to the JLPT resources page.  I also hope to be adding individual pages for all of the JLPT levels.  For now though, it is just one big page of JLPT resource goodness.  I also hope to add some tutorials to walk you through the different sites.

So, mosey on over to the JLPT resource page and tell me what you think of the resources so far.  Keep in mind that this is definitely a work in progress, bare bones setup at the moment.  It will most likely evolve into something else over the next few months as I keep adding more and more materials to it.

I’d also like to hear from you.  What tools would you find useful for the site? What could use some housecleaning?  Let me know in the comments below.

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