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About a month and a half ago, I introduced a new series called kanji city, that helps you learn kanji by making use of a technique called a memory palace that makes use of not only visuals, but visualizing a 3d space – a city.  In this way, you can link the kanji together, which makes it easier for you to remember and reference them, solidifying the links in your head just that much more.  For more details and a sample of the finished product, check the first blog post in this series.

In addition to practicing how to read kanji, you might want to do some writing practice.  I recommend using real words that use the kanji instead of just individual kanji.  Having something more concrete has, for me, been a lot more beneficial than mindlessly writing one character over and over again.  I’ve included some example words in the main book to help you with drilling.

One effective way of drilling kanji is to say the word over and over again while you write it down.  This practices pretty much all 4 skills at once – production (speaking the word and writing the word) and understanding (reading the word and listening to your voice saying the word).  Yes, it isn’t the best possible way to practice these, but it is still practice at no extra cost.

Good luck and enjoy the next 8 kanji from the book:

The Next 8 Japanese Kanji from Kanji City

Japanese kanji 七, kun-yomi なな, ななつ, なの, on-yomi シチ


On the 7th floor, we have the poker room.  This group of 7 dogs loves to play 7 card stud. See the big bi- I mean female dog at the head of the table. she is always wins, but most people think SHE CHEats. In either case, she is always NANAing on that same bone.  You can’t take that thing away from her, she has NANOsecond reflexes.  They sit on the floor with their legs out in front of them hands held up, holding their poker hands.


Japanese kanji 八, kun-yomi や, やつ, やっつ, よう, on-yomi ハチ



The 8th Floor houses the YACHTSmans club.  They use the room to practice their HATCHet throwing and YOU-yo tricks.  They like to make an arch with two guys and throw hatchets between them.  Such a weird hobby.




Japanese kanji 九, kun-yomi ここの, ここのつ, on-yomi キュウ, ク




The 9th floor is the pool hall. We like to make the KYUU balls out of KOKONOTSU and play 9 ball. We like to keep some doves in here for ambiance. That’s what all the KUing is. We catch them by leaning put the window and hooking them with a hook.




Japanese kanji 十, kun-yomi とう, と, on-yomi ジュウ, ジツ



On the 10th floor, we have our Brazilian JIU JITSU training center. Here fighters stand with their TOU TO toe, all ten toes against another ten toes to practice fighting. That cross marks the center of the rings if you want to give it a try.




Japanese kanji 金, kun-yomi かね, かな~, on-yomi キン, コン



All right, now that we are done with welcome center. Let’s head over to the bank. It’s the two story building with the slanting roof, and two large doors with slanting handles on the first floor. You don’t want to steal from this bank – KINg KONg guards the main vault. Even KAyNE West wouldn’t interrupt him. CAN A guy like you ever beat him? Don’t think so.



Japanese kanji 百, on-yomi ヒャク



Inside the bank, we have different stations for each denomination of money. First, for 100 yen coins, we have Buttons, the cat here. He is all white (白) and wearing a hat. He unfortunately ate all the coins, that is why he is HYAKUing them up on the floor. We will clean them for you later.



Japanese kanji 千, kun-yomi ち, on-yomi セン



In the SENter there is where we store our 1000 yen bills. The clerk is practicing ballet, so that is why she is leaning over on her CHip toes, wearing that ridiculous flat hat. It is for some production she is working on.



Japanese kanji 万, on-yomi マン, バン



And last but not least, we have the 10,000 yen counter, run by a guy from Jamaica. I think he just said “Hey MON, you want a CinnaBON?” I think he sells them for 10,000 yen a piece, but worth every yen. That’s kind of cool how he can balance the tray of them on that chair like that.





Make use of these Mnemonics

So, you read through the next 8 N5 Japanese Kanji, now is the time to lock them in with some drill practice and practice these with some new words. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below so I can let you know when the next set of kanji comes available.  Until next time, happy studying.


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