Kanji City Part 3

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This is the 3rd part of a series of blog articles that walks you through how to form a memory palace of the N5 kanji.  If you haven’t already, you probably might want to check out part 1 and part 2 of the series. N5 Kanji, 円, まるい, エン



Let’s head over to the MARU, where we sometimes host lucha libre wrestling for the kids. You can see a mask here on this poster with two holes for eyes. ENtry to the event is free, no yen necessary, so ENjoy it if you can.  They wrestle in that circle over there.

午, うま, ゴ



You might not know that UMA thurman lives here in Kanji City.  She performs every day at noon, an ode to the sign of the horse. GO early, seats fill up fast.  She always hangs her hat on the rack off to the side of the stage.


今, いま, コン



Now, IMA going to show a nice ramen restaurant.  They won 1st place at raCON, the annual ramen convention in Tokyo.  They have the best ramen.  It’s that place over there with the giant steaming bowl of ramen under the roof.


N5 Japanese Kanji, 半, なかば, ハン



Phew, let’s take a break at the bar and NAKA back a few beers.  There is a bar in the middle of the mall.  They only fill their cups half full.  HANd me a drink from that Christmas tree looking rack that has two weird branches at the top.

N5 Japanese Kanji, 毎, ごと, マイ




Every time I come here I order MAI Thais.  I can’t get enough of them.  The bartender makes them with 4 perfectly stacked ice cubes and an umbrella.


N5 Japanese Kanji, 年, とし, ネン



At the end of the year, they buy new liNEN for the tables.  I, personally find these linens a little TOo SHIny.  The owner is the woman over there with an umbrella in her hand.  She gets more and more beautiful every year.


N5 Japanese Kanji, 週, シュウ




This bar also has some amazing, SHUUters.  You want to try one?  They change them every week.  They come on that little cart she moves around the circumference(周)  of the bar.


N5 Japanese Kanji, 時, とき,どき, ジ



Oh, look at the time, we have been TOKIng for awhile.  The sun(日) is setting right next to the temple(寺). JIeez, at this hour, we should think about getting some sleep, okay DOKI?




Make Use of It

That’s it for the next part of the Kanji City. Take the time now to lock these in by spending some time to walk through the city and visualize it as much as possible.  The realer it feels to you, the better it is going to stick with you.  You may also want to do some drills to practice writing these out.

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