Kanji City Part 4

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This is part 4 in a continuing series meant to help you lock in N5 kanji. Be sure to check out the original post for a free sample of the full book that will be available on the premium site.

Once you are done with part 1, don’t forget to read part 2 and part 3 if you happen to miss them.

うえ, じょう, あげる, あがる, のぼる, じょう, 上 readings, N5 kanji practice



This is JOEann the gardener, she works UE too much on this garden. She is standing up over there. AGEt her special bulbs she needs and AGA to plant. NOBOdy is better at auguring than her. She is the master. Her augur has a little handle to the right.


した, さげる, くだる, おろす, げ, か, 下 readings, N5 kanji practice



If you GEt a good hold of the weeds, you KAn pull them right out. SHI TAught me that. The weeds don’t look so good anyway, they are really SAGEy looking. After you pull them out you can see the roots that went down into the ground. I KUDAn’t get down on my knees every day like she does and plant tulips OR ROSES.



なか, ちゅう, 中 readings, N5 kanji practice



In the middle of the garden, we have some nice CHUUlips. Be careful not to NAKA flower down. We need to take this path through the rectangular flower bed.



ひと, にん, じん, 人 readings, N5 kanji practice




In the back here, we have our drunken NINja training center. They drink JIN and HITO each other with giant foam fingers. It’s safer that way really. You often see the people with legs apart in attack formation.



やすみ, やすむ, きゅう, 休 readings, N5 kanji practice



Time for some rest. Let’s KYUU up for the resting tree. It’s the giant tree over there with the low branches. You need to bow to get underneath the tree. You hungry? I’ll give YA SUMU food.



なに, なん, か, 何 readings, N5 kanji practice



Stop! I KAught you stealing my NAN! What are you doing? It’s not possible (可) to bow to apologize for that. Don’t steal a man’s bread, man!



さき, せん, 先 readings, N5 kanji practice




It’s okay. Let’s head to the SENter of the tree where they are serving free SAKI. The serving station is ahead of you there. See the guy standing behind the table holding out the cup of SAKI?





いれる, はいる, にゅう, 入 readings, N5 kanji practice


That was refreshing. I think we ERAdicated all the weeds. Now let’s go somewhere NYUU. Let’s enter this part of the garden and get HIGH on some different weeds while doing some stretches. To start, lift your right arm over your head and stretch it to the left.






That’s it for part 4.  Stay tuned for this continuing series and take some time to practice some of these kanji now. See you in a few weeks with more!

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