Japanese Kanji City Part 5

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Build a Kanji City to lock in the Characters

This is part 5 of a continuing series of posts to help you lock in the N5 Japanese kanji. With these mnemonics you can build a memory palace that will help you remember these kanji. If this is your first time reading about the Kanji City, you will probably want to check out parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 before moving on.

If you have been working with a memory palace, but these kanji are still not sticking, try to personalize it as much as possible. Use all of your senses to actually visualize being in the city. Take note of the environment, the color of everything, the smell of everything. The more real it is to you the easier it will be to recall these mnemonics. Try to have fun with it as much as possible.

So, without further ado, here are 8 more kanji to lock in:

日,にち,じつ, ヒ



Here is our alternative medicine center. That man is zits JITSU specialist. HI removes zits with ju JITSU moves. It’s a very specific NICHE in the medical community. He has an amazing office. You can start the day by seeing the most beautiful sun rise in Japan from his window.


JLPT N5 Japanese Kanji, 国, くに, こく




He is a bit of a KOKUhead though. He has a racCOON HE keeps in the back that likes to play with a ball in his box. He is from a strange country to be sure.








That guy in the TAI DAI shirt is an OOKII guy. He is a big guy who likes to lay in the sun with his legs spread. He has the best medicinal weed here.








At the bookstore you can HONE your medical skills. It’s the main bookstore for anything medical. The building is the one with the long columns. Can you count them all? The doors are behind two big curtains.






Across from the bookstore is where the head honCHOU himself lives. He has long been the leader of the alternative medical community. He is NAt a GAI to mess with. He likes to march out front with his uniform that has three stripes on it.






We also have a nice fountain with two bowls in the medical square. You can take out some money and throw it in and DERU the fountain your wish. The water DASUn’t come out until you do. Then, it SHUTSU water out the top.







The doctor that lives there helps with your IKU (EQ emotional quotient). You should go GYOU to his place, YU KUould learn a lot. You are a little KOUld sometimes. OH KO NAU it looks like he is free. He is leaning over looking at some notes at his desk.







KEN you see all right? There is an eye doctor over there. To check your eyesight, he talks to his MIRU. He has a strange sign for his office, it’s an eye with two legs under it.





That is part 5.  Take some time to visualize your memory palace now and lock these kanji in so that you can use them automatically.  Be creative and have some fun!  Stay tuned for the next installment.

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