Japanese Kanji City Part 6

This part 6 in a continuing series of how to lock in N5 Japanese Kanji.  With these mnemonics, you can build your own memory palace to lock in these characters so that you’ll remember them forever (or at least a really long time).  If this is your first time to see this series, you might want to check out the other parts (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).


As always remember to be playful with these and even use your own ideas.  If something isn’t really matching up for you, go ahead and rewrite it to fit your imagination.  A lot of times mnemonics have to pretty personal in order for them to click for you, but hopefully these will help you move in the right direction.

土, つち, ど, と




TSU CHI that big patch of earth over there? That’s where we DO our gardening.  We have TWO big fields you can use actually.  It has a big scarecrow with arms stretched wide.


女, おんな, ジョ





If you are gONNA do some farming, you need to talk to that woman standing in profile with the sharp nose and the big gardening hat, there with the big cup of JOE.


天, テン




She is so beautiful.  She is a perfect TEN.  It’s like she was sent from heaven!  She likes caring giant radishes on her head with her arms wide to keep her balance.



子, こ, ご, シ, ス




Over there is GOry KOry, he is just kid but he kills all the chickens. He may SHIem a little quite at first but he will start talking to you SUon. That’s his ax resting against the table.




小, ちいさい, こ, ショウ



I could go to the beaCH *SIGH*. I’m tired. It’s a little small, but I COuld SHOU you the way to it. You just have to follow that up arrow.




山, やま, サン




We grow our YAMs at the top of the mountain over there. It’s so hilly there it’s like SAN Francisco.  You can see the three hills that make the mountain.





川, かわ, セン



We also have this beautiful river we use as a CAr WAsh.  You should SENd your car over. We have three streams you can choose from.





友, とも, ユウ




NA (ナ)t again 又! I told my friend TO MOw this patch of grass here, but it looks like he didn’t do it, can YOU?





That’s it for this installment.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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