Announcing the JLPT Study Guide for the N5

Announcing the JLPT Study Guide for the N5 post image

I’m often asked what resources I recommend to pass the JLPT N5. I’ve never been truly happy with a lot of the N5 study books out there. All of them seem to be lacking something. Some textbooks have great example questions, but don’t actually teach you how to get a better score. Others simply offer practice tests, but don’t actually go over the points you need to pass.

So, about 2 years ago I set about writing a book for those studying for the JLPT N5. I wanted to write the kind of book that I would have wanted when I was studying for the exam. A book that includes all you need in one volume, so you don’t have to start a JLPT book collection in order to pass. Something that combines not only grammar practice, but reading, listening, and vocabulary practice.

JLPT Grammar N5 examplesThe Grammar Points You Need

The JLPT Study Guide goes over all the grammar points that you need for the test. Each one is explained in easy to understand language with solid examples so that you can feel how the grammar is used. I also included common mistakes that people make while using the grammar, so that you can avoid these pitfalls.

In the past, as a Japanese learner I was frustrated with how some JLPT preparation books have several examples of a grammar point but don’t explain the grammar point well. This always left me confused and in need of a good tutor to explain the point to me. So for this guide I included both a simple explanation and clear examples. There are also detailed explanations of each of the answers to the exercises in the book to help you with any questions you might have.

Listening and Reading is Included

Often times when you study for the JLPT, you have to actually buy 4 books – a grammar book, a reading book, a listening book, and a vocabulary book. This has always led to confusion for me and for others studying for the exam. Which book(s) do you get? Do you need to get them all?

Why not just get one book that has everything in it? The JLPT Study Guide includes reading and listening practice for each of the type of questions on the test. There is also a special section for reading and listening tips for you to help you get the best score on the test.

N5 JLPT Practice TestPractice Tests are also Included

Even if you know the grammar, kanji, and vocabulary well, you still need authentic practice before the real thing. I’ve included 3 full practice tests to help you practice your test-taking skills before the big day. And each test gives you the timing for each section of the test, so that you can time yourself and get a feel for the speed and rhythm of the test.

Once you are done working through one of the tests, there are detailed answer explanations available to help you understand what you missed and why you missed it. There is no need to ask a tutor or teacher about your test answers.

special JLPT N5 promoA Limited Time Offer

Right now, if you pre-order the book on Amazon (worldwide), you’ll get a free 10 minute Skype consultation for me, personally. That’s right, I really want you to pass the N5 easily and in less time, so I’m willing to help you work out the details in a private one-on-one session.*

These are limited to only the first 25 people who email me with a proof of the pre-order. All you need to do is forward the confirmation that you got when you placed the order to N5promo AT I’ll then contact you about possible times that we can talk.

I’m especially excited about this offer since it will give me an opportunity to get to know you the readers and help you pass the test. Don’t hesitate, if you are planning on taking the N5 this December or in the future, this is the book for you and now is an excellent time to pick it up.

*I will make every attempt to be available when you are for these consultations. However, the 10 minute Skype consultations are subject to availability and schedule.

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