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So-Matome N3 Kanji Review

So-Matome N3 Kanji Review post image

If you read my review of the So-Matome N3 Grammar book a couple of weeks ago, you'll know that N3 is a different beast to tame.  One that book publishers are still kind of guessing about.  How much is on it?  What kanji is on it?  How difficult is the reading? And So-Matome, a fairly [...]


More Active Japanese Listening

More Active Japanese Listening post image

I’ve recently been going through a lot of new training for a new job that I might be taking on in the coming months. It has consumed a lot of my free time. Piled on top of that, my daughter just started kindergarten which allows me to have more time, but brings on more responsibilities [...]


JLPT N5 Reading Practice

JLPT N5 Reading Practice post image

I remember when I first started studying Japanese well over 10 years ago, what could I possibly read at this level? Japanese is such a complicated language because you have to know 2000+ characters to read it (well/easily). Some other languages, that are based on roman characters are slightly easier to get into because you [...]

N4 Grammar: Using ndesu and ndesuga post image

This month, I'm continuing on with N4 grammar points by talking about how to use the dictionary form with some new handy N4 expressions. This month, I'll go over ndesu and ndesuga. You can use ndesu to talk about a reason for something. It's a tricky little expression that takes a little while to get [...]


Japan’s Tourist Boom

Japanese Tourism Boom

Geisha papparazi

When I first came to Japan, USJ was just a typical theme park.  Major rides had an hour to 2 hour wait.  Most other rides were a 30 minute wait.  You could pretty easily get a seat at one of their many restaurants, and in the winter months, you could practically have your run of [...]


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