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The July JLPT is Coming, you Ready? post image

Around this time of year, I always get flooded with a lot of frantic emails asking questions about how to prepare for the exam, so I thought I would put together a little kit of former blog posts that can you help you out in this final stretch before the big day.  If you are [...]

N4 Grammar: Using tokoroda and souda post image

This month, I'm continuing on with N4 grammar points by talking about how to use the dictionary form with some new handy N4 expressions. This month, I'll go over tokoroda and souda. You can use tokoroda to express that you are just about to do something, just finished something, or are just in the middle [...]


Gender Inequality in Japan

Gender Inequality in Japan post image

I teach English as my day job, and I occasionally I teach hypothetical conditionals.  In other words, ‘what if you were …’ type sentences.  So, in the class, we ask questions like ‘What if you were a billionaire, what would you do?’ and students come up with answers like ‘If I were a billionaire, I [...]


The No Speaking Required Myth

The No Speaking Required Myth post image

Speaking is necessary to pass the test.

When preparing for the JLPT or the TOEIC (a popular English test in Japan), I usually tell students to do some speaking practice along with all the other studying that is required (drill practice, practice tests, reading practice, etc…) I mean, in general, you study a language to use it and so a lot of [...]


Japanese Kanji City Part 6

This part 6 in a continuing series of how to lock in N5 Japanese Kanji.  With these mnemonics, you can build your own memory palace to lock in these characters so that you'll remember them forever (or at least a really long time).  If this is your first time to see this series, you might [...]


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