JLPT N5 Kanji – 四, yon, four post image

 This is 5 Minute Kanji, and today we are going to go over another simple kanji, the kanji for four. Mnemonic: My mom was strict. Every morning at 4, SHE would say “YO! Wake up!” And then she would say “Eat YO OATS!” We could never stop YONing. Onyomi: し shi Kunyomi: よ、よん、よっ.つ yo,  [...]


N5 Grammar – Adjectives

N5 Grammar – Adjectives post image

 Take the Quiz Welcome everyone, this is Mac with another N5 Grammar Lesson from JLPT Boot Camp. Today, we are learning how to describe things with adjectives. To do that, we will be looking at a few, very short exchanges. Let’s get started. Conversation 1 (0:16) Our friend Matt is meeting up with his [...]

Review of N5 スピードマスター読解/聴解 (N5 Speed Master Reading / Listening) post image

J-Research has a few books available for the N5 level. A few weeks ago, I reviewed their mock test book for the N5 level. It offers up a few extra questions to help you prepare for the N5. Although not perfectly on level, it could be helpful in preparing you for the exam. Today, I’m [...]

Review of 日本語能力試験N5予想問題集 (JLPT N5 Predicted Questions Book) post image

The JLPT can sometimes come down to how well you can answer questions about Japanese. As I talked about in my earlier review, test anxiety and just, in general, how well you can test, can greatly affect your score. You should at least try to take one practice test before the big day, and if [...]

JLPT N5 Kanji – 三, san, three post image

 This is 5 Minute Kanji, and today we are going to go over another simple kanji, the kanji for three. Mnemonic: SANta regularly MEETSU with his 3 most important elves, ME included. Onyomi: さん san Kunyomi: み, みっ.つ mi, mittsu If you recall from our previous lesson on the kanji for one and two, the [...]

Review of 日本語能力試験 完全模試N5 (JLPT Complete Mock Tests N5) post image

For people that don’t take tests all day, which is hopefully the vast majority of you, the JLPT can be intimidating at first. If you have taken an organic, natural approach to learning Japanese, trying to answer questions about the grammar can be a bit daunting. Maybe you are perfectly capable of communicating the main [...]

Switching Gears when Switching Levels post image

I’ve heard back from several people over the last few weeks about their results from the JLPT. It’s been great to hear from everyone about how well you all did and how you are setting your sights on something bigger. I’m impressed by the amount of hard work everyone puts in to pass this test. [...]


JLPT December 2017 – Results

JLPT December 2017 – Results post image

For those of you who are lucky enough to have been able to register online at MyJLPT, you can now see your official results for the December 2017 JLPT. The official results will be mailed out next week and should be arriving sometime next week for those that took the test in Japan. It will [...]

JLPT N5 Vocabulary – The Basics post image

Welcome to the N5 vocabulary course! We will be going over all of the basic vocabulary that is usually covered on the N5 as well as some other useful vocabulary that you will need to communicate in Japanese on a basic level. The goal of this course is to cover a little more than everything [...]


JLPT N5 Kanji – 二, ni, two

JLPT N5 Kanji – 二, ni, two post image

 This is 5 Minute Kanji, and today we are going to go over another simple kanji, the kanji for two. Mnemonic: There is a woman who is known for her TWO large FUTAs, by which I mean owls. All you Nied to know is that she will smack anyone WHO TATSU them. So hands [...]

JLPT N5 Vocabulary – Talking about Food post image

Do you think you know this already? Take the Quiz. Talking about Monos At the N5 level, you will see two similar looking words – 食べ物 and 飲み物. The word もの means thing in Japanese and 食べ is the -masu stem of 食べる, to eat. So, you can add them together to make a new [...]

December 2017 JLPT – First Impressions post image

The 2017 December JLPT was yesterday. This is by far the time when most of you probably took the test. There is another test in July, but it is not as widely administered. Generally speaking, only Asia gets the opportunity to take it twice in one year. So, this is the big one. I’ve personally [...]