JLPT N5 Vocabulary – Talking about Food post image

Do you think you know this already? Take the Quiz. Talking about Monos At the N5 level, you will see two similar looking words – 食べ物 and 飲み物. The word もの means thing in Japanese and 食べ is the -masu stem of 食べる, to eat. So, you can add them together to make a new [...]

December 2017 JLPT – First Impressions post image

The 2017 December JLPT was yesterday. This is by far the time when most of you probably took the test. There is another test in July, but it is not as widely administered. Generally speaking, only Asia gets the opportunity to take it twice in one year. So, this is the big one. I’ve personally [...]

JLPT December 2017 – Last Minute Advice post image

So the test is coming up this weekend on Sunday, Dec 3rd. Some of you might be feeling a little anxious. Before the test, you might feel like your heart is pounding out of your chest, and an uncomfortable feeling that you shouldn’t be there. You might be navigating your way through a college campus [...]

JLPT N5 Kanji – 一, ichi, one post image

This is 5 Minute Kanji, and today we are going to go over quite possibly the easiest kanji you are going to ever learn, the kanji for one. Mnemonic: On ONE of my Japanese adventures, I met ONE old man. HE TOld me of a ninja named ITCHY, who fought with HIs TOTSU. ITSU ONE [...]

JLPT N5 Vocabulary – Talking about People post image

Let’s talk more about people. Imagine if you want to introduce someone to a friend. How would you describe them? What words would you use? Think you are ready? Jump to the Quiz. N5 Vocabulary used in this Lesson ほそい – slender hosoi せが 高たかい – tall sega takai せが ひくい – short sega hikui 長ながいかみを しています – [...]


How to study JLPT Kanji

How to study JLPT Kanji post image

There a variety of strategies to learning kanji. It seems like everyone has a different method they employ, and that they swear by. You might have even heard a few heated debates in your time over what is the best way to study kanji. You could say that there seem to be just as many [...]


JLPT N5 Vocabulary – People

JLPT N5 Vocabulary – People post image

Do you think you know this already?  Take the Quiz In addition to the words for your immediate family, the N5 also includes the more basic vocabulary you need to refer to people, starting with how to refer to a man and a woman: 男おとこの人ひと otokonohito man 女おんなの人ひと onnanohito woman And you can talk about [...]

I real love for Japan.

Recently an article caught my eye “How a love of Japan, led me to stop dating its women.” It details the trials and tribulations of a man trying to not get too deep into Japanese culture by not dating ‘its women’. Or at least that’s what I think it was about. From the start it [...]

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N5 Vocabulary, Japanese family vocabulary

Most of the words for your immediate family are covered in the N5. As you may have learned before, in Japanese, there are different words that refer to your in-group (e.g. your family) and members of an out-group (e.g. someone else’s family). You might have heard of these referred to as humble, for in-group, and [...]


JLPT Summer 2017 Results

JLPT Summer 2017 Results post image

For the first 7 months of this year, I was spending most of waking hours working on a study book for the N5. It have been learning a lot, not only about Japanese but also all the ins and outs of publishing a book with a major publisher. I realized about halfway through that I [...]

JLPT Summer 2017 First Reactions post image

The JLPT is conducted twice a year in most of Asia, and today was the day of the summer JLPT. It also happens to be the middle of rainy season, so there was a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the test that kept us inside, making for a very interesting test taking experience. Sorry [...]

N5 Practice Test Grammar Explanations post image

JLPT organizers have made practice tests available online ever since they changed the format back in 2010.  These ‘tests’ aren’t actually complete.  A lot of the sections only have 2 questions whereas the real test may have 5 or more for each.  I have added some comments to the practice tests that you can pick [...]

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